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Projects I've Worked On

Get Outside

2022 - 2023

Get Outside was a 'disability-friendly location index'. This was my dissertation project for my BSc Computing Systems course. The project aimed to improve the confidence of people with disabilities. The data was community collected, and allowed people with disabilities to create reports about locations so that others with similar disabilities could read these reports. Not only aimed at individuals, it was also aimed at carers to help them find places to take the people they care for out as well as businesses to promote their CSR as well as find areas that they can improve in. Currently is suspended, as I don't have time to maintain it.

Training Assistant Device

2022 - 2023

TAD was a business idea from a friend of mine that we were working on together that I poured a not insignificant amount of time into. It was aimed at reducing the friction of training service workers for standard processes, giving them a digital interface to read and learn about various processes that are important to their role. Unfortunetly, like Get Outside, it has since fallen to the wayside. I'm no longer involved in this project, since 2023.

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Time at Kainos

Associate Security Engineer (2023 - now)

Smart Shield

2023 - now

Since graduating in Summer 2023, I have been continuing to develop my skills in this project, learning more about pen-testing, BurpSuite, Jenkins, communication and so much more.

EAYL Trainee & Associate Security Engineer (2022 - 2023)

Smart Shield

2022 - 2023

I joined this project in Summer 2022, and have been learning the various behind-the-scenes components that go into security for software projects like Shield.

EAYL Apprentice & Trainee Software Engineer (2019 - 2023)

Smart Test & Audit

2019 - 2022

I spent 2.5 years here and gained skills and knowledge in Angular, TypeScript, PostgreSQL and Java. I also learned about web automation and learning how to make and manage automated tests
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Programming languages

Date shows when I was first introduced to the language





Java + Android










Kotlin + Jetpack Compose


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Non-technical experience

EA Wind-band and Orchestra

2012 - 2020

Being a part of the wind-band taught me how to be a better musician, and how to work as part of a large group to put on a production. It also taught me how to coordinate with other people. I was given a lot of great opportunities here: I have played in competitions, played for the Council of Europe and in a old castle in Germany.

AV Production

2015 - 2023

Being a part of various AV production teams has taught me a lot of skills outside of audio engineering and troubleshooting. I learnt how to think on my feet, communicate with others, how to learn quickly and how to teach people.

Bronze - 2016, Silver - 2017

Gold - 2019

Grade 5 Music Theory


Grade 7 Clarinet

2010 - 2019 (ABRSM)

Grade 5 Piano

2008 - 2018 (ABRSM)

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